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The architectural studio 2A + P / A presents the exhibition “Drawings and projects” in the historic architectural gallery of Antonia Jannone, on the occasion of the 2019 Salone del Mobile in Milan. A collection of projects, images, illustrations and photographs that show the poetic research of the studio in the gallery space. Image: Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo, Nuova Biblioteca Lorenteggio, Milan, 2017 (Third prize)

9 April – 10 May 2019

Antonia Jannone
Architecture Drawings
Corso Garibaldi, 125 – Milan
From 9 to 14 April, special opening from 10.30am to 8.00pm

Each work presented in the exhibition investigates other projects, trying to assert an idea of ​​architecture as a form of collective knowledge. The two partners, Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo, explore the potential of architectural design through a non-philological sampling of references from different disciplines such as objects, paintings, buildings, sculptures, textures. Thus architecture becomes a research tool to understand reality and at the same time give form and space to the collective rituals of our days.

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“This exhibition represents our Chamber of Wonders, and consists of two distinct work cores. On the one hand a careful selection of works, made by other authors over time, which we have jealously collected and which we present here in a sequence of completely reworked drawings, abstracting them from their contexts of origin and for once gathered together to form a idea of ​​architecture. From the other, a selection of some of our projects, which from this universe of references has drawn directly, explicitly: sometimes trying to reinterpret some atmospheres, sometimes simply to reconstruct formal assonances. ”

The layout of the gallery is organized through the juxtaposition of two bodies of works. A wall houses a unitary work, entitled “36 drawings”, developed for the first Orleans Biennale and commissioned by the Frac Center-Val de Loire.

The opposite wall instead presents a selection of projects illustrating the activities carried out by the studio in its ten years of activity: achievements, competition projects, exhibition pavilions and installations.

During the exhibition period, a talk will be organized in the gallery spaces on the theme of the role and value of architectural design today.

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Antonia Jannone
Architecture Drawings
Corso Garibaldi, 125 – Milan
opening times: from Tuesday to Saturday 15.30 – 19.30 by appointment
From 9 to 14 April, special opening from 10.30am to 8.00pm

Tel.  02 29002930

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