Luxury Flip-Flops For the Luxe Shopper

Made in Italy luxury footwear is now here. It’s  quality and originality of a product that the true luxe shopper is looking for. When money is no object and comfort and beauty is what you want, look no further. BeeChic, an… Continue Reading

Celia Elizabeth Handmade Jewelry

Celia Elizabeth designs and makes jewelry . She studied goldsmithing in Milan, Italy with Davide DePaoli and worked as his apprentice for one year. Today her work can be found with the name Celia Elizabeth handmade jewelry. “I love working with glass beads… Continue Reading

Bollywood Style – Maruti, Kashmiri and Lac beads

Maruti , Kashmiri and Lac beads article by Celia Abernethy of Celia Elizabeth Jewelry Bollywood beads You may have already heard of “Bollywood” beads, but until you see them in person and feel the texture and the beautiful craftsmanship, you… Continue Reading