Milano Style Instagram Feed @milanostylegirl

Hi everyone! I changed the name of my MilanoStyle Instagram feature account!

I’m embarrassed to say,  I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon a bit late and someone had already taken the name “milanostyle”. So when I registered, I got the name “Milanostylegram” which is a bit stupid. So today I changed it to “Milanostylegirl”.  What do you think?

A lesson to be learned

When you start travel blogging or any other type of blog, be sure to claim your brand names across the board: Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter , Google+, … all of them!

 I got really lucky with my other accounts, follow me here too: LakeComoStyle and ItalyTravelMore 


Use the tag @milanostylegirl or #milanostylegirl and I will share your posts!


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