IMISI Bracelets – express your emotions, find your soul mate

Fun and trendy bracelets that express your emotions, and maybe help you find your soul mate!

Everything begins with few words

IMISI is the ancient Greek word meaning “half”.

Like soul mates,  a dear friend or that other part of the sky we can’t see.

Wearing an IMISI bracelet means express something of oneself, bringing people tog
creating  relationships, finding the phrase that match our feelings.

IMISI phrases are created day by day, drawing ideas from conversations heard in the street, from feelings felt in our everyday life, dreams that we would like to make come true or even by words that we ourselves would like to say or hear.

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IMISI bracelets are in satin, woven, applied rhinestones , in energetic summer colors like, green,yellow,turquoise, red or more somber colors  like brown,orange, beige .

Once you have picked your favorite IMISI bracelet,wrap it around your wrist, make two knots and carry on with your life…

Somewhere, sometime, at a party, on the street, at a restaurant you will meet someone who is wearing another IMISI bracelet!

If the phrases match, if they make sense together, then you just found what you are looking for.



13-16 Sept 2014
See IMISI bracelets at the HOMI  Expo in Milan,  Pavillion  10   Booth  L31

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