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Here are some guidelines that must be met when writing for as a guest blogger:
  • The post must be in English.
  • The post must be relevant for travelers visiting or expats living in Milan, Italy and the surrounding area -general fashion and design articles are accepted as well (try to work in an Italian design house when possible).
  • No more than three external links in each post ( recommended links: useful information, your business/blog, and your profile.) More than three links are considered an advertorial and are considered sponsorship (you must pay for publishing).
  • You can publish articles that have already been published elsewhere provided that a) the original publication allows you to do so, and b)  that you name the original publication and c)  link to the the original article. A link to the original article does not count in the three allowed.
  • Each author can publish 3 articles per calendar year. If you want to publish more, a small management fee is required. Contact us for more info.
  • Monetized affiliate links are not allowed (to hotel, ticket booking, online shopping etc..).
  • Author must disclose if he/she received free items, complimentary service or has a working relationship with the subject of the article. (see examples)
  • You may not approach clients or sponsors as a representative of You may however, say you are a guest blogger / contributor.
  • The post must contain at least one feature image that you have permission or free rights to use (photo credit recommended).
  • The post content will not be modified. The editor will proofread and edit spelling, grammatical errors or sentence structure, not the content.
  • The post will be published online only after editor approval. The editor has the right to refuse or delete a page at any time.
  • Contributors should be familiar with WordPress editor.


  •  We know you work hard on your posts and put your best foot forward when writing a piece, but unfortunately at this time, article and post contributions to are not monetarily compensated (no payment).

What will you get in return? 

  • Exposure to our audience: up to 14,000 visitors every month and numbers are increasing.
  • Publication in a well ranked, niche site. has excellent ranking in search engines and users find us easily. Linking from to your business or blog also increases your ranking.
  • Social proof. The blogger business is changing, bloggers and content writers need to market content over diverse channels in order to be considered by sponsors. Whether you are a full-time or part-time blogger, you will benefit from more exposure.
  • Sharing. Once you are part of our contributor team your posts from your personal blog or other work online will be shared with our audience, keep us up to date and we will share.

By sending this form you agree to adhere to the guidelines. has the right to refuse or to remove publication at anytime.

 How to become a contributor
If you are in agreement with the guidelines, complete this form and you will be contacted shortly