An International Student’s Experience in Milan

Guest post by Jessica Sama –  What does Milan look like through the eyes of a young British student? Milan is known for its fashion shows, the world-famous fresco of Leonardo da Vinci, the Duomo cathedral and its posh business… Continue Reading mentioned in USA TODAY in the Press; USA TODAY The American newspaper USA Today has used’s article about Ski Resorts Near Milan  as a reference in their article Winter Activities in Milan by Nadia Nygaard. In the article, Nygaard writes about the allure of Milan… Continue Reading

Behind the scenes at ‘The Mermaid Fashion’

I was invited to spend the day with Eva Lako, Instagram influencer, and founder of, her personal blog about swimming, beauty, and fashion, which has over 45K followers. I got an exclusive, behind the scenes look at what it… Continue Reading

Milano Style Instagram Feed @milanostylegirl

Hi everyone! I changed the name of my MilanoStyle Instagram feature account! I’m embarrassed to say,  I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon a bit late and someone had already taken the name “milanostyle”. So when I registered, I got the… Continue Reading

La Vendemmia, Wine & Fashion Via Montenapoleone

Every year (in October), the streets of Milan’s Golden Quadrilateral close to traffic and the boutiques, hotels and historical villas opened their doors to visitors and wine lovers. The event is hosted by the Associazione Montenapoleone, The MN Lounge, LaVendemmia2017,  in the… Continue Reading

90’s Style House Video Filmed in Milan by Wlady

The new music video Ginevra by Italian DJ, Wlady was filmed in Milan at the newly developed building complex Porta Nuova in Piazza Gae Aulenti, near the Garibaldi train station. The new skyscrapers make up the new skyline of Milan.… Continue Reading

The Big Apple of Milan – by Michelangelo Pistoletto

Walking out of Central Station Milan from under the domineering gallery of this overwhelming building, a large spacious plaza opens to the boulevard heading into the center of town. In the plaza in front of  Central Station Milan, there is… Continue Reading

Commuting to Milano

Here’s what commuters say about commuting to Milan from it’s hinterland (suburbs, surrounding areas). See what has found out about commuters to Milan. Is commuting one of life’s burdens or a lifestyle choice? Whether it be London, San Francisco, or Tokyo,… Continue Reading

I’m moving to Milan, where should I live?

Lots of people write into asking questions BEFORE they even get here. One question came in about where should one look for an apartment? See our FAQs section. I’m moving to Milan, where should I live?  Well, my suggestions… Continue Reading

Burberry and Villa Canestrari Launch the New Tailoring Line

Burberry and Villa Canestrari “Suit” up to launch the New Tailoring Line Article Melanie Payge Photography Leonardo Vecchiarelli Burberry’s event was very exclusive, upon walking in and viewing the room full of suspiciously well dressed ladies and gentlemen, I knew I… Continue Reading

La Vendemmia Wine & Fashion

by Melanie Payge – Photos by Leonardo Vecchiarelli   LA VENDEMMIA is an annual event in Milan – A unique experience in the world of luxury combining fashion with the finest wines.  When I saw Barolo on the list, I went straight… Continue Reading

Campari Fashion Avenue with Associazione MonteNapoleone

Article by:  Melanie Payge The streets were beautifully decorated with red carpets and butterflies hanging from the lamps. First stop VERSACE gets my “Best Window Display” award. Lovely Cristina showed me all the beautiful RED displays and the bar. This very… Continue Reading

Milan Hotels with reasonable prices and great locations

It has happened to all of see a great deal advertised for a hotel and the excitement of getting the SPECIAL DEAL overwhelms you and click!, you’ve booked  hotel room in a city far, far away. Then you get… Continue Reading

San Bernardino alle Ossa (Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa)

Being born at Halloween,  since childhood I’ve always had an unusual fondness for the dark and macabre, so when I heard about the “bone church”  San Bernardino alle Ossa  I wanted to go see it. I went on a Wednesday morning, nobody was… Continue Reading

Vogue Fashion Night Out

This is the night that Milan’s Golden Quad turns into, for some, an opportunity to create an event for the opening of fashion week, and for others a social nightmare with thousands of intoxicated youth roaming the streets.’s Fashion… Continue Reading

Gory Stories of Milan – anecdotes, tragic stories, unpopular facts

Milan has secrets in every nook and corner. While you are walking around looking at the famous monuments and treasures of Italy’s  fashion capital, here are a few unusual, gory anecdotes, tragic stories and a few unpopular facts about Milan.… Continue Reading

Tower Parade – the UniCredit Foundation supports youth job creation

UniCredit bank presents The Tower parade The UniCredit Foundation will generously donate € 10,000 for each 1000 votes. See the art work and vote online  You may vote for one piece or all pieces art work, but you may only… Continue Reading

Tower Parade – La Fondazione UniCredit sostiene creazione di lavoro per i giovani

Banca UniCredit presenta Tower Parade La Fondazione UniCredit generosamente donerà 10.000 € per ogni 1000 voti. Vede le opere d’arte e votare on-line Si può votare per un pezzo o tutti le opere d’arte, ma si può votare solo… Continue Reading


  In an oblong room with about 10 people, I was virtually transported to Guatemala, I have to admit that it was a pretty enhancing experience, except for the fact that the temperature in the room was that of a… Continue Reading

Lancôme Paris in Milan

Lancôme Paris in Milan (2014.02.27) Melanie Payge, Fashion Blogger visits Lancome in Milan I Love Lancôme! I just trust them. We all know they do research but did we know that they spent 15 years and 27 patents to… Continue Reading