Orrido di Bellano – Natural Waterfall and Gorge Bellano Lake Como

One of Italy’s most beautiful natural spectacles is just 90 km from Milan. It’s called the Orrido di Bellano. A natural waterfall and gorge carved into the rocky mountainside of the pre-alps in the city of Bellano on Lake Como. It is said to be in the making… Continue Reading

A Day with Interior Designer Eric Egan at Il Ponte Auction House Milan

I had the rare and privileged opportunity to spend the morning with high-end interior designer Eric Egan at the Il Ponte auction house in Milan. Eric Egan is known in the ‘Fortune 500’ circles for his gorgeous residential transformations, restorations… Continue Reading

The Last Supper – Leonardo Da Vinci Santa Maria del Grazia Church

Leonardo DaVinci’s masterpiece “The Last Supper” a.k.a. Il Cenacolo Vinciano in Milan’s center, was painted between 1494 and 1498 under the rule of Ludovico il Moro… TOURS AVAILABLE IN MILAN- BOOK ONLINE Skip the Line: Small-Group Milan Walking Tour with… Continue Reading

San Giovanni in Conca Crypt Milan, Piazza Missori

It’s a curious sight to see the circular wall standing in the middle of the Piazza Missori square. Trams going by and people rushing into the underground metro. If you walk behind it, there is a dark staircase to descend,… Continue Reading

San Bernardino alle Ossa (Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa)

Being born at Halloween,  since childhood I’ve always had an unusual fondness for the dark and macabre, so when I heard about the “bone church”  San Bernardino alle Ossa  I wanted to go see it. I went on a Wednesday morning, nobody was… Continue Reading

Gory Stories of Milan – anecdotes, tragic stories, unpopular facts

Milan has secrets in every nook and corner. While you are walking around looking at the famous monuments and treasures of Italy’s  fashion capital, here are a few unusual, gory anecdotes, tragic stories and a few unpopular facts about Milan.… Continue Reading

10 Great Places for Kissing in Milan

Best places to stop and kiss in Milan. I got the idea for this guide after a trip to Hawaii with my husband. In the guide book they had romantic places to kiss. Here are our choices for Milan: 1. Top… Continue Reading

Poems from Milan

Poems from Milan, original poems by Celia Abernethy   Corner cafe Having a cappuccino at the corner cafe in Milan looking up at a lady hanging her laundry out on the line she dreams of those days she was young… Continue Reading

Milan Central Station – Stazione Centrale Milano

Milan Central Station – Stazione Centrale Milano Trains, Shopping and a Little History High speed European trains as well as local trains come and go to Milano Centrale.  The Italian train lines go practically everywhere in Italy, there are trains to… Continue Reading

Anything Can Happen – L1F3 Submarine Emerges in Milan

An L1F3 submarine emerges from the underground canals in the center of Milan. No, not really. It was ambient marketing by the Europe Assistance Italia Insurance Company. The fin and dorsal of an L1F3 pushes through the concrete breaking the… Continue Reading

Bollywood Style – Maruti, Kashmiri and Lac beads

Maruti , Kashmiri and Lac beads article by Celia Abernethy of Celia Elizabeth Jewelry Bollywood beads You may have already heard of “Bollywood” beads, but until you see them in person and feel the texture and the beautiful craftsmanship, you… Continue Reading

Geraldina, fashion 100% Italian

We met up with designer Geraldina Bassani Antivari, a fresh new star in the Milan fashion scene who has created her line of sophisticated, designer wear for women. The collection Geraldina abandons fashion, trends, and seasons to create products defined by an impeccable… Continue Reading

Romantic Milan, Love is in the Air

There are a plethora of romantic scenes and places in Europe, but Milan is particular. It’s not seen or dipicted as a romantic city in films or art, but it will surprise you.  For example, the  cobblestone streets of Brera… Continue Reading

When is the Best time to visit Milan?

It is true, April, May, and June in Milan have the best temperatures, but as someone who lives here all year ‘round, I can tell you that every season has its charm and attraction. There are events, festivals, fashion and… Continue Reading

Milano Hip-Hop and Street Dance

Hip Hop, the big craze of the 80’s is still alive and kicking in Milan- or shall I say, spinning. Every Saturday afternoon up until about 8 or 9pm you can catch the street smart break dancers in one of… Continue Reading

Prada Mama & Gucci Coochie

Artists are not only wearing designer digs, but they are also singing about it and have their tours sponsored by clothing companies. Label dropping is a predominantly rap and hip-hop pastime. It’s only natural that the music industry and fashion… Continue Reading

Summer Crosley, Actress/Model

We spoke to Summer Crosley, actress and model, known for her role on the TV Series Californication, as well as features in GQ, Vogue, Miami Magazine, Elle … Summer Crosley, is actress and model, known for her role on the… Continue Reading