A Plea to City Planners Worldwide

Public transportation is probably the most important and valuable asset a city possesses.

When a traveler visits a new city or country, getting around using public transportation is an absolute integral part of the adventure. It can be a key factor in what “makes or breaks” their travel experience and how they remember it.

Cleanliness and comfort are important factors but the most important is traveler usability.

When the Milano Centrale subway system was revamped and redesigned they most likely never imagined the tourist growth boom Milan would have.

When the subway is empty early in the morning, the wide open space looks large enough to let travelers come and go with ease. In reality, as seen in the photo above, masses of people line-up to buy tickets from the automatic ticket machines creating a mob that blocks passage of the passengers exiting the subway.

This photo was taken on a normal Wednesday morning.

When Milan fashion week, Salone dei Mobile furniture design week or Christmas festivals are being held, the mob is quadrupled.

This is not a message to discourage travelers, but a plea to city planners not only in Milan but in cities around the world to take into account the relationship between static passengers (those waiting for tickets) and dynamic passengers (those rushing to and from trains.)



Celia Abernethy

Celia is the founder and managing editor at MilanoStyle.com. Originally from New York, she now spends her time between Milan and Lake Como sharing her discoveries and experiences living in Italy. Follow @CeliaAbernethy on Twitter

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